Call Blocking for Landlines. Solved.

Smart call blocking for landlines

Smart call blocking for landlines

No more unwanted calls from robocallers and telemarketers. Finally, dinner in peace.

  • Simple to use.
  • Automatically blocks bad calls.
  • Let's the good calls through.
  • Works with any phone provider.

Protect your family. Protect Seniors

Every day millions of illegal robocalls target household's home phones, with seniors and families particulary vulnerable.

Call Control Home offers protection from these illegal calls by blocking them before they get to your phone.

Call Control works like anti-virus for your computer, by automatically identifying suspected illegal calls and blocking them.

Protect your family. Protect Seniors

Only calls you want to get come through

Only calls you want to get come through

We've made your home phone, smart, with features that let you control every call.

  • Automatically blocks spam and scams
  • Set your personal Quiet Hours
  • Includes the CommunityIQ feature, which automatically blocks numbers that have been reported by other users.
  • Create personal block and allow lists
  • Blocks out-of-area calls
  • Many more great features!
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Trusted name in Robocall Call Blocking

Call Control has been blocking robocalls longer than anyone else and is the most trusted name in the industry.

  • Blocking calls and protecting users since 2008.
  • 20,000,000 users worldwide and counting.
  • Over 88,000 positive reviews on Google Play.
  • Patented technology.

Manage simply with your Smart Phone

Call Control Home pairs with your smart phone to download spam protection updates and makes using Call Control a breeze! With our free iOS or Android app you can:

  • Sync Call Control settings on any device.
  • View recent calls to your mobile and home phones in one place.
  • Easily add new callers to your personal block or allow lists.
  • Block and report spam calls.
  • Block calls on your mobile phone, too.
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Block violators of the Do Not Call list

Law enforcement agencies such as the FTC, FCC, IRS and others provide data to Call Control about robocallers helping ensure bad callers don't call you.

  • FTC
  • FCC
  • IRS

Call Control was featured at the FCC Robocall Summit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup Call Control Home?

Connect Call Control Home per the included instructions:

  1. Connect the LINE port on Call Control Home to your wall jack.
  2. Connect the PHONE port on Call Control Home to your phone.
  3. Optional - Call Control Home also works without any phone connected, you can plug Call Control Home into a spare wall jack and it'll block calls without a phone connected.

Setup requires a smartphone with the Call Control App installed from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

  • Make sure you have the latest update of the Call Control app before you get started.
  • Open Call Control on your smartphone and navigate to the Call Control Home screen.
    • For Android, tap the settings gear to open the menu and ‘Add New Device’.
    • For iPhone, tap the Home icon on the bottom menu and 'Add New Device'.
  • Continue to follow the instructions on the phone. The first update and synchronization will take minutes. We’re doing firmware updates, system checks, uploading the initial database and your personalization settings.  Set the phone by the unit and grab some coffee.
  • When you’ve reached ‘Finished’, you’re done!

Robocalls and spam will be automatically blocked from calling you!  If an unwanted call slips through, simply tap the top button on Call Control Home to block and report the most recent call.

If the inital setup or sync doesn't complete, try the following:

  1. Keep your phone near the unit, less than 30 feet, during the setup process.
  2. Exit the Call Control app and turn Bluetooth off then back on.
  3. Unplug the power from the back of the Home unit and plug it back in.

We suggest that you enable the following settings to ensure maximum protection from unwanted Robocalls:

  1. Enable Smart Call Blocking, which is the patented technology that blocks spam calls identified by the community automatically.
  2. Set the blocking mode to "Disconnect" which will not allow blocked callers to leave a voicemail.

How do I change the call blocking mode to Disconnect or Send to Voicemail for Call Control Home?

You can modify how Call Control Home handles blocked calls to either:

Disconnect - Blocked calls are quickly disconnected and blocked callers are not able to leave a voicemail.

Send to Voicemail - Blocked calls are sent to voicemail so that they can leave a message.

You can update this setting from within the Call Control app by following the steps below.


1. Tap on the Home icon in the bottom tray, then tap on the Settings icon and tap Settings.

2.  Tap the "Disconnect Blocked Calls" slider button to enable or disable this setting.  If Disconnect Blocked Calls is disabled (gray), blocked calls will be sent to Voicemail by default.



1. Open the Tray by swiping from the left side of the screen or by tapping the Menu icon in the upper left hand corner of the home screen.  Tap the Call Control Home menu item.

2. Tap the Settings icon, then tap Settings.

3. Tap the "Disconnect Blocked Calls" checkbox to enable or disable this setting.  If Disconnect Blocked Calls is disabled (unchecked), blocked calls will be sent to Voicemail by default.

How does Call Control Home work?

Call Control identifies the calls you want to answer and automatically blocks the ones you don’t want.

How do I block the last call on my landline with Call Control Home?

If you receive an unwanted call on your landline phone, simply tap the button on the top of Call Control Home to immediately block that caller.  You can tap the button during the call or after the call has stopped ringing.

Using the Call Control App to Block Callers - iOS

You can block callers directly from the call log within the Call Control iOS app.  

  1. Tap the Home button in the bottom tray.
  2. Identify the call you'd like to block.
  3. Tap the i button to the right of the phone number and then tap Block and Report.

Using the Call Control App to Block Callers - Android

You can block callers directly from the call log within the Call Control Android app.  


What happens when Call Control blocks a call?

When a call is blocked by default the call is disconnected, meaning that the incoming call is terminated without ringing. You can also choose to send blocked calls to voicemail.

How do I see what calls have been blocked by Call Control Home?

You can see what calls have been blocked by Call Control Home from within the Call Control App.

View Blocked Call History - iOS / iPhone

Before you get started, make sure that your iPhone has bluetooth enabled and is within a few feet of Call Control Home to facilitate a bluetooth connection.

Open Call Control and tap on the Home icon in the bottom menu tray.  The call history of incoming calls will be displayed, with calls that have been blocked appearing in RED with a shield icon.  You'll note that the reason the call was blocked is included as a label below the name or number.

View Blocked Call History - Android

Coming soon!

How does Call Control know what calls to block?

Call Control tracks a massive database of known robocallers, telemarketers and other callers who other users have reported as spam. We also work with law enforcement agencies like the FCC, FTC and IRS to help block illegal robocallers and scammers.

If an incoming call matches our database, the call is blocked, otherwise calls are let through.

How to access your home phone call log in the Call Control app?

Call Control Home periodically syncs with your smart phone and updates call blocking databases, your personal settings and the call history of your landline phone.

You can view the call history to your landline phone in the Call Control app, where you can block callers, add callers to your allow lists and more.

To access your landline call history, in iOS tap the "Home" button on the bottom tray and on Android tap the Recent Calls icon on the home screen in Call Control.

Do legitimate callers have to enter a code to get through?

No, Call Control features patented technology that blocks only the bad callers while letting legitimate calls from your friends, family and local businesses through without callers having to enter a special code.

Can I see a history of blocked calls?

Yes, you can see the history of blocked calls on the Call Control app.

Is Call Control Home compatible with my home phone service?

Yes. Call Control Home is designed to work with any traditional analog landline or Voice over IP (VoIP) service provider, including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Frontier, Time Warner, Century Link and dozens of others.

How do I block a caller?

If you receive a call from a caller that you want to block, simply press and hold the Call Control button and the last call you received will be blocked from calling in the future.

This caller is also reported to Call Control to help track spam call activity, so you’re also helping stop unwanted calls to other Call Control users too!

Does Call Control Home require a smart phone?

Yes, either an Android or iOS smartphone is required to ensure Call Control Home is kept up to date. Call Control Home syncs with your smartphone over Bluetooth when your smartphone is in range.

Will Call Control Home block every robocall?

Call Control Home syncs to our global database via your smartphone. Bad actors are added to our list based on over a million reports a month from all over the globe. Similar to junk email, while we can't guarantee we will block every spam call, our cloud-based algorithms quickly identify the worst offenders, dramatically reducing harassing and dangerous calls. Subscribers can also add any number instantly to their personal block list by pressing the button on top of the Home unit or via the smartphone App.

Will my phone ring when a call is blocked?

Call Control Home is designed so that the phone connected to it doesn't ring when a call is blocked, though depending on the configuration of your home phone system, your phone may ring once or twice during a blocked call.

How to configure Call Control Home in parallel to your phone

This configuration will let you install Call Control Home on a spare wall jack in your home or will help some users avoid issues with their caller ID being transmitted.  When installing Call Control Home in this configuration, it's critical that you set the blocking mode to Disconnect in the Call Control mobile app.

Option 1 - Connect Call Control Home using a splitter

You can connect Call Control Home in parallel with your home phone by using a standard RJ11 phone splitter inserted into your wall jack and then connecting your home phone into one of the ports and the included RJ11 cable into the other port and then into the Line In port on Call Control Home.  Note that the To Phone port on Call Control Home will not be used.

Option 2 - Connect Call Control Home to a spare wall jack in your home or business

This configuration is super easy to setup, doesn't require a splitter.  Simply connect Call Control Home using the provided RJ11 cable to a spare wall jack in your home and then into the Line In port on Call Control Home.