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Integrate our powerful technology into your application or service with our REST-api.


Call Control Protect API

Simple, carrier scale call blocking and user preference APIs. Give your customers complete call control.

  • Block unwanted spam calls, powered by millions of call control users.
  • Unlimited personal black / white lists.
  • Quiet hours & breakthrough rules.

One API call for call blocking decisions. One API call for updating user preferences. Simple integration. We host UX, or you can integrate and rebrand.


Call Control Identify API

Our RESTful Phone Identify API provides detailed information on spam/fraud activity associated with a phone number from our proprietary complaint database. A simple GET request returns spam or not spam along with a confidence score indicator and additional information such as caller entity name, call type, last report date and natural language key entity tag extractions from free text complaints.

The Identify API is a premium service which leverages realtime intelligence and machine learning, at scale, from millions of spam reports across our worldwide network of Call Control users.


Quick Start

Step 1: Explore REST API

Explore live web API demo and formal REST API Specification via Swagger

Try out a few demo phone numbers and see the data

Step 2: See Sample Client Code

Download example client code libraries from GitHub.

Android, C#, Java, JavaScript, ObjectiveC, Perl, Python, Scala, Typescript Node.js

Step 3: Learn more with documentation

Our detailed Documentation provides detailed REST-api usage information.

Step 4: Contact us

We can help provide guidance on patterns that we have found to work well and tell you about upcoming API features.