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The whole team at Call Control is focused on preventing phone scams, phishing, and disturbing enterprise calls worldwide – and you can join us on this mission while getting paid.

Call Control believes that your privacy is yours and yours only. Everyone is entitled to the protection of their privacy as well as protecting friends and family from falling into the hands of scammers.

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We’re offering a 15% commission for every purchase.

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About Call Control

Call Control was created with a bigger purpose – to put an end to scam calls. Our services are available to everyone and anyone wanting to stop unwanted callers.

Why Call Control is right for your audience:

  • Users can setup their own profiles of allow and block lists, including Time of Day.
  • We use crowd-sourced reports from all over the world, add that to the publicly available sources including the FTC, FCC and IRS and update all our subscribers with the latest protection.
  • Subscribers and report unwanted callers to us, right on their cell phone. 
  • Set up Do Not Disturb to ensure phones aren’t going off at night or during a meeting.
  • We support text allow/blocking as well 
  • Received a call from an Unknown Caller? Find out who they are and share with our community.
  • Block Spam Callers Automatically, we protect your phone calls and texts.
  • Enhanced Caller ID – We tell you who’s calling, if it was an IRS scam, you’ll know about it

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