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A Community of Over 12 Million

A Community of Over 12 Million

You’d have to enter thousands of numbers into other call blocker apps to match the power of Call Control! Call Control comes pre-loaded with the “CommunityIQ” feature, which is generated from Community reports and Do Not Call complaints. CommunityIQ blocks thousands of spam and unwanted calls / text messages right out of the box!

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Only Get Important Calls

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Keep Your Family Protected

Call Control not only stops the disruption of unwanted calls but also blocks thousands of common scams, protecting your family from fraud and malicious scammers.

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Scam Alerts

Government Shutdown Could Result in Even More Robocalls

It’s already apparent that robocalls aren’t slowing down anytime soon, but 2019 has them soaring to horrifying numbers. And now, a government shutdown has rendered Americans helpless when it comes to reporting dangerous calls.

Unfortunately, the government institutions that normally handle scam call complaints are unavailable at this time. The complaint portals on the FCC and FTC websites have been deactivated. In addition, those two agencies normally publish weekly reports about potential phone scams to warn consumers, but they have gone silent since the shutdown began.

Furthermore, there aren’t any employees to manage the Do Not Call List, a government registry of phone numbers whose owners have opted out of receiving phone calls from businesses. A notice on the website reads, “Due to the government shutdown, we are unable to offer this website service at this time.”

How long will the shutdown continue? It’s hard to tell. As of January 11th, the shutdown has lasted 21 days, which means that in one more day, it will become the longest U.S. government shutdown in history.

That’s bad news for any consumers hoping that the government will crack down on the barrage of spam calls that await us this year. And it’s exactly the opportunity that many criminals have been looking for.

Many consumers have already been hit by strange and even dangerous phone scams, and have been unable to get help from the government. In fact, some citizens have already received fake calls pertaining to the government shutdown, saying that their social security numbers are in jeopardy because of the government’s current state.

Luckily, however, private call-blocking companies are still up and running. Consumers can protect themselves and their family members from scams by downloading Call Control’s free app for cell phones, available for both iPhone and Android systems. In addition, you can purchase Call Control Home for landlines from CallControl.com or Amazon.

2019: New Year, New Phone Scams

Did you know that according to First Orion, 50% of all phone calls placed in 2019 will be spam? Unfortunately, 2019 has now arrived, and so has a new barrage of robocalls. With technology and the internet making international phone calls a breeze, nearly anyone can now call you from almost anywhere. And with the advent of neighborhood-spoofing, a criminal can dial you up from Africa and make your Caller ID show a local number.

The new year has only just begun, and we’ve already seen plenty of US residents fall victim to criminal phone schemes. Here are two of the latest reported scams:

January 2019 Scams Two Manchester, Iowa residents recently lost money to two different phone scams, according to Manchester Police. In the first case, a scammer pretended to be from the Drug Enforcement Administration in Dallas, Texas. He warned that the victim’s bank account had been used by criminals in Texas for illegal drug-related activities, and instructed the victim to “secure” the account by transferring funds to Google Play cards. He asked the victim for the card numbers and PIN numbers, essentially giving the criminal instant access to the victim’s savings.

Although the victim lost about $4,000 to the scammer, a concerned clerk questioned the victim while loading money onto the cards, and helped identify the scam before the victim could lose another $1,000.

Unfortunately, the second Manchester victim was not made aware of her mistake until it was too late. She lost $2,000 to a “friend” who persuaded her to purchase Ebay gift cards and give him the access numbers in order to supposedly bail him out of jail. The scammer even put an “attorney” on the phone to make the ruse more convincing.

Protect yourself from 2019 scams! Remember, you should never transfer funds or use gift cards to send money to someone who calls you on the phone. This is almost always a sure sign of a scam. Protect yourself by downloading Call Control’s free app, and purchase Call Control Home to keep scammers from reaching you and your loved ones on your landline.

The Best Way to Stop Robocalls

As the number of robocalls continues to climb year after year, it’s not surprising that many consumers are simply not answering their phones anymore.

But is that really the best way to stop robocalls?

In reality, not answering your phone at all will certainly prevent you from picking up any unwanted calls, but you’ll miss the wanted ones as well.

And then there’s that deep-seated doubt that pops every time the phone rings— “what if it is someone I know?”

With the advent of neighbor-spoofing, a technique that makes it possible for scammers to make a false number show up on your Caller ID, it’s easier than ever for criminals to call from far away and make you think you’re getting a call from your neighbor. So not picking up the phone when the number looks “foreign” or “long distance” doesn’t help much either. Nowadays, nearly all robocallers mask their true numbers.

So, what are your options?

Basically, there are a few things you can do to keep from accidentally picking up a doozy or getting scammed.

Register with the FTC’s “Do Not Call List”
Get a good call blocking app and install it on your cell phone
Invest in call-blocking tech for your landline
Read up on the latest scams
Know the signs of a scam call (asking for personal information, using fear tactics, asking for immediate payment through gift cards or money orders)
Remember, one third of all calls in 2019 will reportedly be robocalls. Keep an eye on the Call Control blog for more information on the latest scams!