Call Control For Carrier Networks

Consumer oriented call and text blocking solutions for telecommuncation networks.

Available Today Worldwide
Happier Customers

Happier Customers

With millions of unwanted spam calls being placed to consumers on a daily basis, Call Control is the best way to match the scale of the robocall problem and provide consumers with a meaningful solution to reduce or eliminate unsolicited nuisance and fraudulent spam calls.

Increase retention and lower support costs with a proven solution to stop unwanted phone calls to your customers.

Community Powered

Community Powered

Call Control offers the most robust set of tools for blocking robocalls and messages, including the industry’s only CommunityIQ feature, a massive crowd-sourced database of known robocallers and other spam callers.

For Call Control users, this means that millions of robocallers are blocked automatically, eliminating unwanted robocalls.

Proven at Scale

Over 12 Million Users

Call Control is trusted by over 12 million users to stop unwanted calls and text messages.

90,000 Positive Reviews

3.5 Calls Blocked a Second

The Call Control network blocks 3.5 unwanted phone calls a every second.

Monitoring 1.6M Spam Callers

Call Control monitors over 1.6M callers who have been identified as spam by our network. Our machine learning algorithms adapt to new threats in real time.

3 Million Monthly Visitors

Our companion website receives 3M monthly unique visitors who are looking up unknown calls and contributing to the Call Control community by sharing information.

8 Years Old and Going Strong

Call Control was launched in 2008 and is now the industry leader for consumer oriented call and text blocking solutions.

How Call Control Integrates

Call Control Logo

You pass incoming caller ID of a call or text to our system. The Call Control rules engine looks for spam callers and uses your customers call control preferences to determine the action to take. All accomplished via REST-based API. ID’s that do not appear in our database are approved for your customers.

Benefits for Networks

Leverage Our Existing Platform

Reduce your time to market and development costs by using Call Control’s proven platform - it works and customers love it.

Highly Scalable

Call Control is built for scaled deployment on your network. Whether you have 1,000 or 100M users, Call Control scales to meet your needs across multiple geodistributed datacenters.

Massive Database

We have one of the largest databases of spam call activity in the World. When combined with our machine learning algorithms and natural language processing we quickly respond to new threats.

Government Partnerships

We are actively involved with law enforcement entities in the United States and Canada working to guide policy and facilitate sharing of complaint data with the public.

Network Frequently Asked Questions

Is Call Control ready to handle the millions of customers of a major carrier network?


Call Control already has >12 million users running on the Call Control Enterprise platform. Call Control is built for scale.

Is Call Control flexible enough to work with our system?


Integration with complex telecommunications systems at scale requires flexibility in terms of system design and architecture. We will work directly with you to accomplish your goals and ensure a seamless integration.

Can Call Control keep up with the latest scams?


Call Control automatically detects new and abnormal call patterns from thousands of detailed spam reports we receive every day.

Does Call Control offer support to network customers?


Call Control provides enterprise level support to ensure everything runs as expected.