About Us

Who We Are: Call Control is a spinout of the Kedlin Company and is focused on preventing nuisance calling, phone phishing and robocalls from impacting people and enterprises worldwide. With our patent-awarded technology (U.S. Patent #9,491,286) we provide a community-based reputation score enabling our Applications, Home and Network solutions to stop unwanted callers. Call Control is the original application enabling subscribers to manage calling parties since 2007.

What We’re Doing: Each month we receive over a million call reports and blocks tens of millions of unwanted calls.

Our Principles: We believe in subscriber-centric services which include personalization. We believe your privacy is yours and will never upload your contacts or share your call history.

Why We Care: We’ve all been victims of nuisance robocalls, unwanted solicitors; and unfortunately many of us know people who’ve been affected by scams that steal from our friends and families. Call Control solves this problem by protecting consumers and carriers with a complete solution set.

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