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Call Control is the leading call blocking and privacy solution for mobile, landlines and carrier networks. Call Control blocks calls and text messages from malicious callers who have been reported by our community of over 12 million Call Control users, eliminating those pesky calls from RoboCallers and other spam callers. Here are some fast facts about Call Control:

  • Call Control is used by over 12 million users Worldwide and has 90,000+ 4.5 star user reviews on Android Market and Blackberry App World.
  • Our marquee feature is the Community Blacklist, which monitors active spam activity crowd sourced from millions of Call Control users and automatically blocks calls and texts from the worst reported offenders. Spam callers who make it on the Community Blacklist are blocked from calling Call Control users automatically.
  • Call Control lets users take “control” of their phone and block spam calls and texts.
  • Features include Personal Blacklist, Do Not Distrub, Online Backup, Free Reverse Lookup, Custom Blocking Options, Full Account Integration with EveryCaller.com and more!

The Call Control app can be downloaded for free from the Android Market or Blackberry App World . Please check with your phone company about the availability of Call Control technology for your home or work phone.