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How do I enable text message blocking in Call Control?

In order to enable text message blocking choose the Messages Icon or go to the Messaging page in Call Control. You will be prompted to Change SMS app, choose Yes. Or you can Tap to fix in the bottom of the page and you will also be shown Change SMS app popup.

Call Control Settings Overview

Enable Call Control - a general setting to completely enable or disable Call Control's functions.

Enable Dialer Interface (Legacy Mode) - restores the version 1.0 user interface.

Default Phone App – this option switches Call Control to be your Phone app with the call screen from Call Control. You can continue to use the Favorites, Recents and Contacts of your phone. Making Call Control your default Phone app brings better call blocking results and lets you choose more call blocking modes.

Enable Message Blocking - enables text message blocking within Call Control. Note that for devices with Android OS Kitkat 4.4 and newer this is now required by Google to block text messages.

CommunityIQ - enables or disables automatic blocking of spam and nuisance callers on our community blacklist. Tapping the arrow on the right expands the community blocking options, allows you to customize the categories of callers that are blocked on the community blacklist. For example, you can block telemarketers and robocallers while allowing reminder calls.

Enhanced Caller ID - a new feature in version 2.0 which identifies unknown callers, businesses and individuals by displaying a banner with information about the caller provided by Call Control when the call comes in to your phone.

Overlay Settings - a setting that adjusts the settings for overlaying the Enhanced Caller ID information about your incoming calls.

Show Enhanced Caller ID as a popup - enabling this checkbox, displays the incoming call information as a small popup instead of the default full screen overlay.

Default Call Blocking Mode - choose in what way you want blocked call to be handled by default.

Disconnect* - this mode briefly answers the incoming blocked call and immediately hangs up (pickup and hangup), which ensures the blocked caller is not able to leave a voicemail message.

Ignore - this mode mutes the ringer on incoming blocked calls and texts.

Send to Voicemail - this mode sends the incoming blocked call directly to voicemail, without ringing your phone.

* Note that “Disconnect” mode does not work reliably on all devices. If you experience issues with this mode, we recommend switching to "Send to Voicemail" or “Ignore” modes for more reliable operation. You can also make Call Control your Default Phone app and all call blocking modes will be supported.

Call Waiting Blocking Mode - choose how you want to block calls while you’re on the phone.

Blocking priority - in the event that you create conflicting rules in your Blocked and Allowed lists, this setting established a priority of which list will take precedence in the event of a conflict.

Call Blocking- you can adjust various call blocking options for handling specific call types listed below.

Private Calls - incoming calls with "Private" listed as their caller ID will be blocked when this setting is enabled.

Unknown Calls - incoming calls with "Unknown" listed as their caller ID will be blocked when this setting is enabled.

Fake Caller ID - if Call Control detects that the incoming caller ID is not valid or spoofed, Call Control will block these calls automatically when this setting is enabled.

Non-Numeric Sender ID - Call Control will block calls and text messages in which the phone number contains non-numeric information such as letters or special characters when this setting is enabled.

Emailed Text Message - Call Control will block text messages that is emailed you when this setting is enabled.

Toll-Free Numbers - Call Control will block incoming calls from toll free numbers when this setting is enabled.

Block Spoofed Similar Numbers – Call Control will block incoming calls from the numbers similar to yours in the first 6 digits.

Language - Call Control is localized in many different languages and will automatically select a language based upon your location. Available localizations include English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French.

Notifications - check missed call and blocked call notifications to on or off. You can find more details about how to customize or remove notifications here: How do I remove notifications in my status tray?

How do I block and report a Robocaller that wasn't blocked by Call Control?

Call Control will block a majority of Robocalls automatically, but occasionally you may get a call from an unwanted caller.  If that happens it's simple to block that caller from ever calling you again!  

Simply navigate to your Recent Calls history, long tap the caller you want blocked and tap Block and Report.  You can optionally provide details such as the caller's name, type of call and/or any comments about the caller which are reported to help improve the Call Control service.

How to use Do Not Disturb in Call Control?

You can use Do Not Disturb (DND) to schedule times which you do not wish to be contacted, blocking all calls when enabled, and you can add exceptions to the DND such as your Contacts or Allowed list.


Do Not Disturb mode when enabled will block all calls according to your default blocking mode which is configured in General Settings. You can set up schedules for each day of the week or enable DND mode 24/7.

How to Get Started

Tap on the menu icon in the top left corner or swipe from the left edge of
your screen to reveal the Settings Drawer. Then tap on Do Not Disturb.

Tip: The settings drawer will quickly indicate if DND mode is active, the screenshot below indicates DND is off.

Do Not Disturb Overview Screen

This screen is comprised of four main elements:

1. DND Exceptions - tap to configure exceptions to the DND mode who will be allowed even when DND is enabled.

2. Allow Repeated Calls – when this option is enabled a third call from the same phone number withing three minutes will not be blocked.

3. Enable DND 24/7 - tap to enable DND mode all day, every day.

4. The Scheduler - this is where you setup your schedules when DND mode is to be enabled.

The Scheduler

To set up specific days and times you want to block calls, start by tapping the day of the week you want to schedule. Tapping once puts the scheduler in day mode, tapping twice puts the scheduler in night mode.

Day Mode

The green arrow indicates when DND mode will START, the red arrow indicates when DND mode will END. Tap and hold the arrows and drag them up and down to change times. The times along the top indicate the start time, the times along the bottom indicate the end time. The RED line in between indicates that calls will be blocked during that timeframe.

Tip: You can easily copy a schedule you’ve created by tapping other days of the week.

Night Mode

Tapping the day of the week twice changes DND into night mode. The green arrow indicates when DND mode will START, the red arrow indicates when DND mode will END. Tap and hold the arrows and drag them up and down to change times. The times along the top indicate the start time, the times along the bottom indicate the end time.

Tip: The red line shows in the morning and evening indicating that DND mode is active overnight.

DND Exceptions

This is where you can configure exceptions who will be allowed to call you even when DND Mode is enabled. You can add your Allowed List, Contacts or a subset of your contacts by tapping the arrow to the right of the Contacts label.

For example, a common configuration is to enable DND mode 24/7 but always allow calls from contacts.

Enable DND Mode 24/7

Enabling this setting will enable DND mode all day, everyday and will block all incoming calls and text messages according to the default blocking mode you have configured in General Settings.

How to block all calls except Contacts

A popular question we receive is how to set Call Control to block all calls except for callers from your contacts list. You can quickly set this up by tapping the DND 24/7 checkbox and then tapping Exceptions and tap the Contacts checkbox.

How do I log into the Call Control app on my device?

After downloading Call Control you need to login or create an account.

This ensures all of your settings, including block and allow lists, are saved in case you replace your device.

You can create the account with one of the following ways:

1. Social Networks (Facebook or Google)


1. In the Join our Community page click on the Login With Facebook button.

2. This will take you to the Facebook Login page.
3. Enter your Facebook username and password and click Log In.

1. In the Join our Community page click on the Login With Google

2. You will be shown the pop-up message with your current google account or you can tap Use another account and enter the other email.

Sign in with Email:
1. In the Join Our Community page enter your email address and password and press on the option Create Account

* When entering your email please make sure there are no spaces before or after your email, because it will be read as invalid.

Sign In:
If you have previously created an account using the email address, follow the steps below.

1. In the Join our Community page click on the option Tap here to sign in.

2. In the Sign In page enter your email and password and tap Sign In.

* When entering your email please make sure there are no spaces before or after your email, because it will be read as invalid.

How do I recover my password to login to Call Control?

If you forget your password and can no longer access your account, here are a few quick steps to recover your password:


Simply click the “Forgot Password?” button after the email and password fields and an email with your new password will be sent to the email address registered on your account.

Call Control App:

After three attempts to sign in with an incorrect password, you'll be shown the following dialog:

Click on ‘OK’ and email with your new password will be sent. 

On in the Sign In page you'll need to click on the option Forgot your password?

Then enter your email and press on the option Reset Password.

After that your new password will be sent to the email address registered on your account.

*- If you submitted a request to reset your password, but don’t receive an email, please check your junk and spam folders.

- If you need help with your password, please contact us at

How do I search for an unknown caller's name in Call Control?

There are two ways to lookup the caller's name of an unknown number from within Call Control:

I. Lookup a number from Recent Calls.

You can quickly lookup a number from your Recent Calls screen.

To navigate to the Recent Calls choose ‘Recent Calls’ in icon menu.

Within Dialer interface, tap the second icon from the left in the bottom menu.

Then for the number you want to lookup tap on it and you'll be shown a popup, choose the option 'Lookup'

II. Enter the number manually by tapping the search icon.

Choose ‘Lookup’ icon, enter the number you want to lookup, e.g. +1(818) 738-7584 and then tap the search icon (the magnifying glass).

If you use Dialer interface, simply enter the number and then tap the search icon (the magnifying glass) in the upper menu to perform the search.

Results we have in our database will be displayed!


Why does Call Control need to be my messaging app?

Beginning with KitKat (4.4.x), Google restricted apps from interacting with your messages without being your default messaging app.

In order to support text message blocking, we developed messaging within Call Control so you can use Call Control for texting your friends and blocking undesired messages.

Making Call Control your default messaging app is completely optional, but is necessary to allow message blocking for devices with KitKat 4.4.x or higher.


How do I remove notifications in my status tray?

You can remove notifications in the “General Settings” of Call Control app.

In the “Notifications” section find and un-check the notification you would like to remove.

Show status notification – show (or hide) Call Control status notification icon in the Android tray.

Separate status and blocked notifications – show (or hide) notifications about missed and blocked calls
in the Android tray.

Blocked Calls/ Messages – show (or hide) blocked calls or messages in the Android Tray.

Missed calls – a setting to show or hide missed calls in the Android Tray.

Show missed Call Overlay Notification – show (or hide) notifications about missed and blocked calls in the Android tray.

Important Service Updates – disable general application updates.

You can disable all notifications by navigating to your phone Settings, tap Apps & Notifications, find and tap Call Control.

Then click on App Notifications and there will be shown the Categories which you can un-check in order
to disable Call Control notifications.

* The procedure above is for the Nexus 6P and may vary slightly depending on your phone and Android operating system version.

What is the Dialer within Call Control?

Now you can make and receive calls directly within Call Control using the dialer. We’ve made the dialer central to the new design so that call blocking, reverse lookups and reporting spam is now easier than ever.

We’ve created the dialer so that, if you’d like, you can replace your native dialer with Call Control and have all of these new features at hand.

Making Call Control your native dialer is not required for Call Control to function, it’s simply another feature that you can use if you’d prefer. You can always continue to use your native dialer and use the keypad within Call Control to easily add numbers to your Blocked List, lookup numbers and more.

How to restore your subscription after you’ve created a new account?

In case you purchased a subscription via Google Play and logged with a different account, Google Play needs to synchronize with Call Control in order to activate and retrieve the subscription on your new account.

Please follow these steps to retrieve and activate your subscription:

1. Make sure you are logged in to Google Play using the account you used when you purchased the subscription to Call Control.

2. Open Call Control, tap on the menu icon at the top left corner (or swipe left-to-right starting from the left edge of your screen) to reveal settings drawer, select the My Purchases then wait for 10 or 20 sec while Google Play updates your subscriptions. You can make sure your subscription to Call Control Premium is activated by checking Community page that will show Cellphone Protection:Premium. You can also go to the About Call Control screen and your subscription status will be shown there. Let us know if you need further assistance at


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